Visualisation enables users to pick up on asset attribution just by looking at the data presented in the 3D world! Powerful graphics enable users to model and create more realistic scenarios for engineering assessment in AssetScape.

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More Information

AssetScape is a 3D visualisation tool which can be used for a number of applications:

  • Highway site investigation (accidents and road layout)
  • Planning application tool (Section 38 and 106)
  • New highway designs including sight lines, noise pollution etc
  • Climate change (rainfall and water modelling) impact on Housing and Infrastructure
  • Pavement analysis – imagery and other sensors


We can develop scenes over many miles (in fact it can be 100’s of miles) or you can do it! It’s really easy to setup and the load data required for the visualisation. The system has many of the highway asset models provided where the user can load them ad-hoc or link them to your existing asset database – So you can load asset models into AssetScape’s model library.


AssetScape will auto-load basic buildings from any maps loaded or more complex buildings and structures from BIM datasets.