Strategic Asset Management

AssetScape is more than an asset management tool; it is a world management system. It puts your assets into context and allows you to make long-term strategic decisions about whole asset systems, as well as facilitating asset management on a smaller scale.

Lanes display tool
An underground view of a drainage system
Water spheres flowing over the terrain

More Information

Asset management is about more than handling the daily operation and maintenance of assets. With the proliferation of information and technology, it is becoming increasingly important and profitable to manage assets throughout their lifecycle. An asset’s life no longer begins when it is installed on site. From planning, design and construction, through to operation and maintenance, and on to decommissioning or replacement, a holistic approach is essential to getting the best possible value from your assets. AssetScape is designed to enable you manage your assets from plan to pavement and beyond.

  • See your assets in context – AssetScape’s 3D environment allows you to plan, operate, manage and maintain your assets as part of the wider asset landscape in which they sit.
  • Make better decisions – AssetScape brings all your data together in one place and combines it with other available data sources to offer you a complete, accurate and all-inclusive overview of your asset systems and give you the power to make fully informed decisions.
  • Save Money – plan your asset placement and renewal schemes from the office without expensive, dangerous and labour-intensive site visits. Use AssetScape to experiment with a range of asset selection and placement options to determine the optimum way to expend your resources.
  • Keep up to date – update AssetScape live from site, incorporate new surveys and data sources when they are available and interact with it all in real time. With AssetScape there is only ever one version of the truth.
  • Manage resources effectively – create scoring and ranking systems that allow you to direct your resources to where they can be most effective. Use AssetScape to visualise the results and the mobile solution to put the asset management decisions you make as a result into practice.