M3 Junction 2 to 4a Asset Verification Task

Working for WSP and Balfour Beatty, we undertook the task of correctly identifying and recording every asset on the newly rebuilt section of the M3 between junctions 2 and 4a.

Figure 1: A selection of assets displayed in AssetScape


Exploiting the following resources enabled us to complete the task with maximum accuracy:

  • Aerial LiDAR
  • Orthographic imagery
  • Google Street View
  • Existing inventory

Our experienced team of data technicians moved along routes within AssetScape’s 3D world to carry out the following processes:

  • Use all available imagery to establish the location and type of each asset on a route
  • ‘Accept’ into the new asset catalogue any assets from the existing inventory that can be positively identified
  • Add to the new asset catalogue any assets identified in the imagery but not present in the existing inventory
  • Add comments and alerts to assets that require them. For example, assets that cannot be identified or require additional investigation.

We complemented this methodology with a robust auditing system that included progress tracking, spot checks and comment and alert reviews to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Figure 2: AssetsScape’s 2D GIS viewer helps give auditors and technicians an overview of progress

Figure 3: A selected asset and its ‘Edit Asset’ panel

Overcoming Challenges

Accurately and consistently identifying nearly 45 separate asset types, most with several distinct subtypes, was achieved by:

  • Selecting a team of practiced data technicians with previous experience of both AssetScape and highways assets
  • Working with experts in a range of fields, from drainage to road markings, to build a comprehensive manual that allowed our technicians to identify assets with confidence
  • Having these experts available to our data technicians
  • Keeping an issues log that was regularly updated, handled and cleared

We successfully delivered an accurate, up to date asset inventory in a format ready to be integrated back into Highways England’s asset management system