Highways England Drainage

AssetScape was used as part of the drainage data cleansing solution for Highways England’s Area 2 HADDMS drainage data. The system was instrumental in enabling the consultant engineers in being able to provide one version of the truth, combing attribute data to one single asset database and maintaining any linked documentation. We provided the following services:

  • Load and validate existing HADDMS data
  • Create and validate outputs to HADDMS specification (warnings and ruleset checker)
  • Tools to carryout data consolidation
  • Audit and reporting
  • Export files ready for upload into HADDMS in accordance with HD43 and associated standards

Our methodology uses our AssetScape data cleansing software, which not only provides us with a robust system to validate the current inventory but also runs alongside AVIS and OS imagery. AssetScape is an asset management solution with a difference, providing a platform for efficient good quality data cleansing for highway assets. AssetScape combines a three dimensional data management with a three dimensional geographical engine, providing a fully integrated data cleansing solution.

AssetScape Concept:

As AssetScape incorporates a networked multi-user database, this enabled our data specialists and drainage engineers to work on the same project without the need to split the data up for processing. AssetScape can indicate progress completion for each asset using colour coding, and users will be able to see progress and manage the work load. This saves time and ensures maximum protection from data errors and system overwriting. The initial inventory will be loaded into AssetScape’s database and includes all attribution, links and schema data from the HADDMS system.

AssetScape drainage data cleansing (benefits):

The benefits of using AssetScape as part of an integrated data and drainage technical solution for this task were:

  • Reduced processing time using drag & drop features
  • Increased productivity – both for data validation and quality checking
  • Increased assurance of quality outputs
  • Visual alignment with AVIS and OS imagery inc. Google Streetview
  • Managed database with system controls to ‘time check’ data changes
  • Ease of use for both data and drainage specialists
  • Quality assurance checking utility built into software.

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