Highways England Technology

Providing innovative data cleansing solution to data cleanse 25,000 technology assets for the NorthEast RCC Technology Area

AssetScape has now got a solid foundation for providing complex data cleansing solutions for any highways infrastructure assets. AssetScape was loaded with Highways England’s LiDAR, ortho-imagery, video and incomplete technology asset inventory. Utilising the data cleansing module, the data processing team were able to re-invent 18,000no marker post positions and locate over 30no different types of technology assets. The team utilised a number of semi-automated processers such as point cloud feature recognition and AssetScape’s 3D visualisation tools to accurately plot the new inventory to within less a metre range.

We utilised the latest in 3D asset management software “AssetScape” to handle the geodatabase and data cleansing task. AssetScape was configured to work with AVIS / OS imagery, LiDAR and OS mapping. The system was configured specifically to meet the task specification in terms of structure and attribute data.
The main benefit of our solution was the use of innovative software that enables operators to quickly make the right decision with confidence. The operator sees so much more data in a 3D environment when linked to video or aerial imagery.
Our approach also provides confidence in the output from start to finish. We developed a detailed processing methodology, audit protocols and output specification. All users were trained and then tested to ensure the outputs were to the highest quality possible. This includes auditing which is a module in AssetScape with reporting and statistical analytic tools.


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