Mobile Data Capture

Our mobile solution came first and is a well-developed and established solution that is easy to use and versatile! Provides a seamless extension to AssetScape as part of our world management system offering.

More Information

AssetScape mobile offers both augmented 3D asset visualisation and 2D GIS on-site management which includes mobile data collection (inventory, defects and condition) services. You can simply point the mobile device at the scene and you can either pre-set the device to overlay data or click on the real asset on the screen to bring up the data. Our solution can also work with and be integrated into other asset management systems.


The integrated options include interfacing with the current AMS. It is used for all data / defect collection environments for highways maintenance (across all assets). All data views can be pre-set for the type of mobile inspection being carried out.

  • Inventory collection
  • Inspections
  • Defects
  • Queries
  • On/Off line mapping
  • Live upload / download
  • Lamp scouts
  • Highway infrastructure condition surveys including cw/fw visual surveys (UKPMS module)
  • Easy to use screens for collecting inventory and defect data
  • Set up how assets / defects are positioned by either: automatic GPS location or by marking position on map
  • Defect types and general info can be defined by user on the user interface
  • Photographs can be taken and tagged to asset / defect + location
  • Full inspector route management module including whereabouts
Inspection forms
  • Detailed, bespoke, inspection forms can be defined by customer for each type of asset – with as many different attributes as needed
  • Electrical testing
  • Bridge GI / PI’s
  • Whilst you are there you can re-invent and select defects
  • Data (like inventory) can also be requested from office and instantly delivered to devices
  • Configure the system to collect anything!
  • Use the tablet across all asset disciplines