Data Cleansing

AssetScape is the ideal tool to accomplish complex data cleansing tasks quickly, efficiently and accurately.

The attribute panels of several gullies displayed side by side
A selection of assets displayed in AssetScape
The 2D GIS viewer

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Data from different schemes, surveys and sources is displayed side by side effortlessly in AssetScape’s 3D environment. Every asset is represented by a 3D model with complete attribution data, and a fully customisable colourisation system enables you to visualise relevant parts of your asset data with ease.

Additional data, including point cloud, imagery and mapping, is integrated seamlessly into the data validation environment. With a range of data sources easily accessible, AssetScape users can confidently compare, interpret and prioritise inventory data with speed and precision.

AssetScape’s suite of tools further assists the asset validation process:

  • Measure: Distance, angle, height
  • Point cloud: decimate point cloud, enlarge point size, edit point cloud
  • GIS Viewer: 2D overview and visualisation
  • Google Maps: link to Streetview of current location
  • Split Screen: view several parts of a scene simultaneously
  • Position Presets: save and return to locations
  • Custom tools: configured to meet the needs of a specific task

A robust and well-developed audit suite is integral to our data cleansing methodology: a customisable system of comments and alerts creates an organised and fully traceable record of queries and issues; route completion records and operator logs allow progress to be monitored; and the ability to ‘jump’ to individual assets and easily carry out spot checks allows auditors to assure accuracy levels.

Overall, AssetScape’s data cleansing methodology results in accurate, high quality and comprehensive outputs produced in a cost-effective and efficient manner.