Data Cleansing

Maintaining and cleansing infrastructure asset data has just got better! Higher quality and more efficient processing tools when you utilise AssetScape data cleansing module.

More Information

Our system and methodology is the ideal solution for data cleansing and off site data capture (highway topo survey extract for MX Genio). We can provide high quality datasets that are fully audited very competitively.


AssetScape works in a 3D world regardless. So, no need for complex 3D geometry data, we can simply load and use an OS base map overlaid in a 3D plane. All asset datasets are 3D models with enhanced attribute visualisation which are all connected to the database.


The secret to the system is: 3D visuals enable the user to validate data a lot quicker and with confidence; and, our system emulates an asset management system and includes a database configuration to manage assets, attributes and all other data. The operator sees so much more data in a 3D environment especially when linked to video or aerial imagery.


AssetScape excels at data cleansing and capturing complex highway infrastructure assets utilising the combination of AssetScape’s 3D asset management software. AssetScape can be configured to work with any LiDAR, photo imagery, asset inventories, mapping, BIM datasets and native system rulesets. The system was configured specifically to meet the task specification in terms of structure and attribute data.


The system also includes an audit / reporting module that allows us to monitor and validate every decision before it’s released to the client.


Please have a look at our projects page which includes a number of high profile highway infrastructure data cleansing and data collection projects that we have been involved in.