Camera Placement

Use AssetScape to identify potential camera locations and assess their suitability without the need for expensive, dangerous and time-consuming site visits.

A camera asset taking a polar image
A camera asset focused on a message sign
A camera asset with a target object and message sign in the distance

More Information

By combining an accurate three-dimensional representation of the real-world, a dynamic and realistic camera asset and an innovative statistical analysis tool in the form of the ‘polar image’, AssetScape has transformed the way camera placement decisions can be made.

The 3D environment

A highly accurate 3D representation of the real-world is at the core of any AssetScape scene. To facilitate accurate % visibility calculations this is particularly important. To ensure the required accuracy levels AssetScape offers:

  • Detailed and accurate terrain maps of various resolutions
  • Assets represented by 3D models
  • Accurate representations of potential obstructions such as trees, bridges and signs
  • Tools to enable users to interact with and manipulate the LiDAR point cloud

Camera Assets

AssetScape’s camera assets behave as cameras do in the real-world. Users can pan, tilt and zoom within the camera’s the operational limits, which can be set by the user, and features that fall within a camera’s field of vision are easily identified.

The Polar Image

A polar image captures every feature inside a camera’s field of vision at the true resolution of the camera. This image is then used to calculate, for each of these features:

  • % visibility
  • % screen width
  • % screen height
  • Depth

‘Target objects’ of any size can be placed anywhere in the 3D world to provide further statistical information.

The accurate statistics generated by the polar image allow clients to easily, effectively and confidently propose new camera sites and assess their suitability. By removing the need for site visits, AssetScape makes the process of camera placement faster, safer and more efficient.