Asset Management

The ease at which AssetScape creates real asset infrastructure in a 3D format (BIM) is impressive! Build a scene automatically and then create the real world assets and infrastructure with ease.

More Information

AssetScape includes an embedded asset maintenance management module in the software, which has the capability to manage any asset with modern demands for technology in mind – visible, usable and accessible data. The stand out differentiator against most of the current offerings on the market is its 3D data management capability. The user interactive functions have been designed to remove the need for users to navigate through many screens within the AMS to perform tasks. The system is Intuitive and saves time when viewing, managing and processing asset data as part of business as usual activities. The software features “drag and drop” functionality which can be found in some of the modern technologies and products that are familiar to us all.


AssetScape provides a platform from the creation of an asset through to managing its lifecycle in a realistic world. This includes managing assets with the fully integrated mobile solution, asset viewer, modelling platform and data / operational management modules.


Asset management applies to any infrastructure assets and the associated worlds (topography / land).

One of the key features of AssetScape is the RouteWatcher module that enables the user to create routes and then assign assets and datasets along the route. This feature is very popular with carrying out operational data reviews and asset management.

Routewatcher also provides video, imagery and other visual datasets to be viewed along the route. Any video can be viewed in either 3D or in the purpose built image viewer to whatever format the imagery was captured. I.e. single images, downward facing, 360 deg.