3D Visualisation

Get a different perspective on your assets with AssetScape. Experience the power of visualisation in three dimensions and explore your data in new and exciting ways.

A message sign asset with its ‘Edit Asset’ panel open
A junction represented in AssetScape
An extruded building and surrounding point cloud

More Information

The quantity and quality of data available to asset managers is increasing. This offers opportunities to manage assets in new and innovative ways, but also presents challenges. AssetScape specialises in integrating large quantities of data from multiple sources and presenting it in intuitive, user-friendly and accessible way. The 3D scenes AssetScape builds provide the backdrop to support its functionality and bring the asset management experience to life.

AssetScape is configured to handle data including:

  • Shapefile
  • CSV
  • Spreadsheet
  • Existing databases
  • As-Builts
  • Point Cloud (LiDAR)
  • Imagery
  • Mapping (image or shapefile)

Why AssetScape?

  • Assets exist as part of a three-dimensional environment. AssetScape enables you to visualise this simply and effectively. By presenting assets as 3D models fully immersed in an accurate 3D representation of their real-world environment, AssetScape provides perspectives and insights that 2D asset management solutions cannot.
  • Every part of an AssetScape scene can be built from real-world data. From terrain to asset location, road width to water levels, asset models to vegetation, each element of the AssetScape environment can be used to inform your asset management decisions.
  • By representing data visually in three dimensions, AssetScape can bring together and present large quantities of information in a way that is intuitive and informative. This holistic overview enables you to harness the potential of your data and optimise your asset management methodology.
  • AssetScape’s import functionality allows you to always keep your data current. Import survey data, update height maps, build new routes and upload LiDAR to maintain a complete and fully up to date picture of your assets.
  • Go beyond visualisation with AssetScape’s flexible and dynamic tool suite. The true power of AssetScape is combining three-dimensional asset visualisation with a dynamic and well-developed toolkit designed to exploit the unique opportunities that this perspective provides.