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AssetScape® is an asset management solution with a difference.

By combining our 3 dimensional data management approach with our 3 dimensional graphics engine, we have come up with a unique product that finally brings asset management into the 21st century. AssetScape® is much more than an asset management system – it’s a “World Management System”.

Simplify the complex

Newcomers to AssetScape can be up and running very quickly, with little or no training; performing tasks that would traditionally need far more experience to carry out. Working in AssetScape is just like working in the real world BUT much, much easier! Battling with multiple systems and struggling to build up a picture of “what’s going on”, becomes a thing of the past. Pulling everything together “under one roof” and presenting it in a way that makes sense is what AssetScape excels at.

Bring data to life

With its “World Management System” concept, AssetScape interacts with data from your existing systems and presents this along with publicly-available, live information inside its world-viewer. Elements such as weather, traffic flow, 3rd-party works, natural light and tidal levels are just a small sample of the widely-available data that can be linked to AssetScape. AssetScape adds realism and context to your experience through its fully-navigable, first-person-perspective 3D interfaces.

AssetScape Software

Our software is aimed at planners, designers and operations staff looking to provide faster and more accurate decision-making in less time. AssetScape software includes a base platform that enables the user to create their own asset-management world. Users can create worlds from existing datasets like maps and topographic info, including LiDAR, shapefiles and databases. The software provides a platform that enhances user-experience and delivers proven, cashable benefits to the operating organisation.

 AssetScape provides infrastructure asset owners with a high quality and elegant asset management solution, which fulfills all your future needs.


Easy to use

Unlike conventional systems, newcomers to AssetScape® can be up and running very quickly with little or no training. It's like working in the real world, but easier!

Bring data to life

AssetScape® allows you to visualise, manage and interact with it through its unique, fully-navigable, first-person-perspective 3D interfaces. Our RouteWatcher® module also enables users to create routes and analyse data like never before.

Travel in time

By using AssetScape’s innovative Time Slider™ feature, users can easily navigate backwards and forwards through historical system events – viewing the world exactly as it was, or as it will be.

Management tools

The AssetScape ``Control Room`` enables a user to manage works seamlessly, allowing data from site to be compiled, reviewed and easily actioned.

3D assets

From flora to fauna, bridges to buildings, roads to rail, plant to people; whatever your assets, AssetScape provides the perfect platform with which to manage them.

AssetScape® integrates

Elements such as weather, traffic flow, 3rd-party works, natural and tidal levels, are just a small sample of the widely-available data that can be linked AssetScape®.

For a more in-depth look at the system’s capabilities, please view our information here

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Merit Award Winner 2016

    AssetScape World Management System Research Abstract AssetScape® is an asset management solution with a difference. It takes large, complex data sets such as LiDAR, photogrammetry,......

  • AssetScape co-sponsor icsic conference

    International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction – ICSIC The conference was over 3 days and included seminars and presentations from industry and research leaders......

  • Cambridge CSIC partners with Assetscape

    From the University of Cambridge: CSIC is delighted to announce five new Phase 2 Partners who have joined over the past year: BP International, Bentley......

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