AssetScape® is an asset management solution with a difference.

By combining our 3 dimensional data management approach with our 3 dimensional graphics engine, we have come up with a unique product that finally brings asset management into the 21st century. AssetScape® is much more than an asset management system – it’s a “World Management System”.

Simplify the complex

Using AssetScape is simple and intuitive, meaning newcomers can be up and running with very little training. AssetScape specialises in bringing data together in one place and presenting it in a useful, informative and manageable way. Trying to pull together data from multiple systems and struggling to build a clear picture of what is going on is a thing of the past. AssetScape effortlessly brings your data together ‘under one roof’ and enables you to perform complex tasks, such as data validation, making asset placement decisions and managing maintenance schemes, with ease.

Bring data to life

As a ‘World Management System’, AssetScape integrates. It brings together data from a range of sources, including LiDAR, external databases, shapefiles and mapping, and allows you visualise it all clearly. Whether the data comes from several systems or surveys, is provided by you or is open source, and is concerned with assets or the environment, AssetScape integrates it all to build a functional and dynamic 3D asset management environment.

Optimise and Innovate

AssetScape is aimed at asset management professionals looking to optimise their asset management systems and utilise the full potential of their data. Use our system to complete existing tasks more efficiently and to explore new and innovative ways to take advantage of the full spectrum of data available to you. AssetScape has the tools to transform the way you approach asset management.

 AssetScape is a high quality and elegant asset management solution designed to exceed expectations.


Visualise your data in 3D

On site, assets function in three dimensions. AssetScape reflects this reality by building realistic 3D scenes that transform raw data into a tangible and interactive asset management experience. These 3D scenes enable you to picture your assets fully embedded in their real-world environment and provide new perspectives that two-dimensional software solutions simply cannot offer.

From Plan to Pavement and Beyond

AssetScape is more than an innovative asset management tool – it is a comprehensive asset management system. From day to day tasks, such as condition monitoring and assigning maintenance works, to longer term strategic planning, including asset replacement and renewal schemes, AssetScape enables you to manage your assets through their whole lifecycle: from plan, to pavement and beyond.

Flexible, Adaptable, Customisable

AssetScape is designed to be suitable for any asset management task, from data cleansing and creating asset inventories, to new asset placement and monitoring existing assets. Optimise the system to meet your needs by customising tools, reorganising the user interface, altering asset models, changing the 3D scene visualisation and more.

Take Control of your Data

Whatever its type, source or format AssetScape effortlessly brings all kinds of data together into one easily navigable 3D environment. Exploit the powerful insights this delivers to harness the true potential of your data. Our versatile toolkit enables you to visualise, analyse, reorganise, prioritise and utilise the full spectrum of data at your disposal quickly and effectively.

From the Micro to the Macro

Whether you need to interact with your data in micro or macro detail, AssetScape is designed to facilitate asset management on any scale. From exploring the placement of a single CCTV camera to managing the full asset inventory of a whole Area, AssetScape’s dynamic and fully customisable system can be adapted to suit any task, big or small.

Simple, Usable, Practical

Our aim is to simplify the complex, and this extends to our user interface. Our controls are uncomplicated and intuitive, and our innovative ‘Tools Frame’ provides easy access to AssetScape’s toolkit. AssetScape requires only minimal training and new users can be up and running within hours.

For a more indepth look at the systems capabilities, please view our information here

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