AssetScape® is an asset management solution with a difference.
By combining our 3 dimensional data management approach with our 3 dimensional graphics engine, we have come up with a unique product that finally brings asset management into the 21st century. AssetScape® is much more than an asset management system – it’s a “World Management System” (WMS).


AssetScape runs automated processes that merge user-supplied and publicly-available datasets to build its environment.

AssetScape® is amazingly easy to use.
Unlike conventional systems, newcomers to AssetScape® can be up and running very quickly with little or no training, performing tasks that would traditionally need far more experience to carry out. This is because working in AssetScape® is just like working in the real world BUT much, much easier!

AssetScape® brings your data to life.
From flora to fauna, bridges to buildings, roads to rail, planning to pavement-management, rivers to routes, weather to wilderness, works to warnings, coast to coast, past to future. Regardless of how little or how much data you have, AssetScape® will allow you to visualise, manage and interact with it all through its unique, fully-navigable, first-person-perspective 3D interfaces. These interfaces depict accurately-scaled virtualisations of customers’ territories, properties and regions of governance.

AssetScape® integrates.
With its “World Management System” concept, AssetScape® not only interacts with data from your existing systems but also reads and projects publicly-available information live into its world-view. Elements such as weather, traffic flow, 3rd-party works, natural light and tidal levels, are just a small sample of the widely-available data that can be linked to AssetScape® to add further context to your experience.

AssetScape® allows you to travel in time.
By using one of AssetScape’s many innovative features “The Time Slider“, users can easily navigate backwards and forwards through historical system events, instantly viewing details of these as they go. Whilst doing this, AssetScape’s 3D worldscape changes dynamically to reflect all the information, geometry, inventory and live data available at the selected moment in time. Unbelievably, AssetScape’s “Time Slider” also allows the user to “slide” into the future, projecting future-modelled scenarios and overlays onto the world-view!

AssetScape® puts all your data in one place.
With AssetScape®, looking across multiple systems and struggling to build a picture of what’s going on is a thing of the past. Pulling everything together “under one roof” and presenting it in a way that makes sense is what AssetScape® excels at.

AssetScape® simplifies the complex.
Users can more quickly and easily absorb detailed information about an area of interest, with AssetScape, than by using a conventional system. There’s no interrogating differing data-sources or shuffling through papers, to establish the facts. With AssetScape® the user sub-consciously acquires knowledge by looking at a scene: What was the weather like? What was the road made of? Where were the works being carried out? How did the traffic flow? Was the crash barrier damaged?

AssetScape® makes spatial interrogation efficient.
With your whole world rendered automatically in 3D space, you can take advantage of AssetScape’s built-in measurement, routing and proximity algorithms. Unlike 2D systems, AssetScape allows geometrical interrogations to work based on how the world really looks – bringing a massively-enhanced level of spatial calculation with it.

We believe that AssetScape® will bring a new experience to practising asset owners, planners and modelling experts and will attract more creative thinking from a new generation of users. Bringing data to life, making it easier to understand and manage and helping make the world a better safer place, to work and live.

Please take a look at our AssetScape® feature video.

Find more information about the potential of AssetScape® on our capabilities page or alternatively download our latest capability statements.